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Flash on Android Phones is Surprisingly Awful [Video]

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There’s been a lot of talk about Apple’s battle against Flash, their refusal to allow it on any of their mobile platforms, and Google taking the opposite approach—but how well does it really work in practice? Over at NewTeeVee, they’ve got a video showing just how lousy it really is right now.

Of course, there’s no reason to think it will continue to be so bad—one has to assume they will figure it out eventually and make it worthwhile. Still, how long will that take?

Video: Flash on Android Is Shockingly Bad [NewTeeVee]

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  • Published 09/1/10

Comments (4)

  1. bobbyphoenix

    First of all stop trying to watch full episodes of TV shows for tests. That’s basically asking for it not to work. Try news sites that have 2 minute video clips, or sites like Ebaumsworld, or Gizmodo that have some videos in their articles. Any videos I ever watched loaded in about 15 seconds. They are a bit choppy when it first starts to play (about 3 seconds worth), but then the rest of the 2 or 3 minutes it’s smooth, and the voice is in sync. I never really tried it on a full PC site, but I have a PC for that. To me the Flash player on a phone is for your basic viewing, not hour long TV episodes. Sorry reviewer, but not a good review.

  2. Larry Lewyn

    I could not disagree more. What is the point in watching a clip? Flash would be a critical factor for me in buying a phone like this and I am very glad I can see what the real world performance is like. I would absolutely want to watch videos 30-60 minutes in length and if I cannot get good quality playback then I am better off with another type of device.

  3. SGS

    dude buy a galaxy s when the official froyo update is available try again is by far the android device with a powerful gpu for stuff like this@

  4. ProstheticHead

    Interesting. I watched this on my iPhone.

    For me the main disadvantage of not having flash is that many of my favourite sites require it, therefore I can’t visit them while I’m out and about.

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