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Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker Customizes Your Logon Wallpaper and More

Ever wanted to customize your Windows 7 logon screen? Here’s a simple utility that can do that, and it also has a bunch of other tweaks built in.

Once you’ve downloaded and extracted the files, you’ll just need to open the utility—from there, you can click the Browse button to select a wallpaper image, and then the Set button to assign it as the logon screen. Behind the Tools button you’ll find a bunch of other tweaks, though we haven’t tested them all, so we can’t verify how well they work—the wallpaper assignment works pretty well, from what we’ve tested.

Update: we received a complaint about some anti-virus software packages flagging this as a trojan. Here’s the VirusTotal report that shows that most anti-virus software packages scan this clean.

Windows 7 Logon Screen Tweaker [Softpedia via Life Rocks]

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  • Published 08/28/10

Comments (16)

  1. Rob

    As I went to download this my Anti-Virus app (Avira AntiVir Pro) indicated it was infected with a Trojan Virus. Don’t you guys check this stuff out before posting?

    a virus or unwanted program ‘TR/Dropper.Gen’ [trojan] was found.
    Action taken: Blocked file

  2. Robert

    I love the wallpaper used in the screen-shot, does anyone know what it is called, and maybe a place to download it from?

  3. jasray

    Another problem which PC World also overlooked, the pic may be different, but the square with the idiotic flower is still there. One can change that as well–two designs clashing with each other.

  4. The Geek


    We scanned the file and it came up clean with most antivirus applications, and we mentioned it in the post.

  5. Vince086

    Love the background ! Do you have a download link or name ??

  6. Pete
  7. Rob

    Thanks for the very quick reply!! Your scan with all those AV programs (virus total report above)shows 3 of them found a Trojan….. false positives perhaps? Am I being too paranoid?

  8. ECE PlayGround

    I prefer Windows LogonStudio

  9. Latinladi47

    Hello Geek,
    I have a question please and the reason I ask is because I tooreceive trojan messages when
    unzippping widgets/gadgets. Either Norton blocks it or PC Matic removes it.

    I then came across the messages regarding the same issues and just like Rob, Am I being too
    paranoid ? If they are false positives, how am I, who is not a geek, to know the difference ?

    Guessing someone will say, “stop downloading and you will not have to guess” And I clearly understand this, however, it’s like telling someone stop flying because of terrorist threats,,,,,lol
    the comparisons are way off but I hate to be limited to doing something I enjoy just because.
    Sooooo lol if the wonderful Geek can shed some light, they would make my day :) Until then,
    I will not download.

    thank you Geek for all you do !! Your windows 7 tutorials have been wonderful !! I just upgraded to
    windows 7 ultimate a week ago from Vista home and phewww another learning phase.

  10. iceman444443

    Loved the background so I downloaded the Win 7 Screen Tweaker so that I can customize my login wallpaper with the scene as shown. I found out I had nothing to open a .rar file with so I downloaded 7Zip. It must have worked as the Screen Tweaker page came up. I clicked on Browse to find the wallpaper but all I get is 6 or 7 “flowers” pics and an empty image folder. Where are the wallpaper pics hiding and how do I get them?

  11. InDiSent

    Just used it on my Desktop and Laptop…..Love it.

  12. Dave

    You guys should check this thing out before making post. I mean seriously if this shit got virus, probably thousands of people got infected for sure.

  13. MetalCord

    If you’re worried about a virus, just change the logon background with the registry tweak microsoft made available for OEM’s. I changed my background without any 3rd party software.

  14. Coral


    With windows 7 is there a way to change the default position from icon and password (previousely the logon screen) and move it from the center to somewhere else on a permanent base ?

    Many thanks

  15. Allan

    Link to the tweaker is now a dead link.

  16. Irvin

    the link is not working

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