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Vipre Antivirus Forces You to Uninstall Spybot?

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We’ve always been fans of the anti-malware utility Spybot, and now it looks like they are under attack from competing software vendors, which are forcing you to uninstall Spybot during their installation.

From the Spybot news blog, this has already been going on from McAfee, Trend Micro, and Kaspersky, and now Vipre Antivirus has tuned in to the fun:

The current version of Vipre Antivirus from Sunbelt Software is forcing to uninstall Spybot-S&D during their own installation process. But there are no known compatibility problems.

You can avoid the uninstall in their installation wizard by pressing “Next” instead of “Go to uninstall” or “Show me how”. Then you will be asked “There are other Antivirus products still installed on your computer. Are you sure you want to continue?” There press “Yes”, then Spybot-S&D will stay on your computer.

On a much more fun note, here’s an easter egg in Spybot that lets you play a game.

Warning! Vipre forces to uninstall Spybot-S&D! [Spybot]

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  • Published 08/27/10

Comments (6)

  1. Anon

    Spybot S&D is crap anyways, lol. I laugh at anyone who believes he is safe with Spybot.

  2. C_3PO

    Yep I must agree with “Anon”, SB has lost the edge and is way behind in the protection game! However if you like it well fair enough, MS Essentials does it for me :)

  3. Dunfiddlin

    So, in fact, it doesn’t FORCE you to uninstall it at all? Well there’s two minutes of my life I’m not getting back!

  4. jonnie

    And the fact that the title ends with a question mark doesn’t clue you into the fact that it just MIGHT be an article that isn’t in fact a definitive statement?

  5. Dewman4life

    Yep great program 10 years ago.

  6. Roi

    LOL at the other comments. Yeah SpyBot is not that great, its UI is 10 years old, and other tools are much better.

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