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Safari is a good browser, but if you’re using an iPhone, you’ve probably been tempted by the many choices that are present on the Apple App Store. Now, a new one is joining the list, as the Vivaldi browser is working on an iPhone version.

Vivaldi has cryptically unveiled that it’s developing a version of its browser for iOS. Aside from an obscure screenshot and a cryptic video, however, the browser isn’t showing off much more. Those interested in giving it a shot are prompted to sign up for Vivaldi’s newsletter to know more about when, and how, it can be downloaded, as according to the company, spots for downloading the app will be assigned on a “first-come, first-serve” basis.


Third-party browsers on iPhone and iPad are notably not really replacements for Safari, as Apple forces all browser developers to use Safari’s engine if they want to release a third-party browser on the App Store. This led to the only version of Google Chrome out there that doesn’t use the Chromium engine, and we’re really not picturing Apple making an exception for Vivaldi. So functionally, it should still be similar to Safari, but with some improvements on top. It looks like Vivaldi is planning desktop-style tags, and possibly support for content blockers.

We don’t know when Vivaldi for iOS will actually roll out, other than “soon.”

Source: Vivaldi

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