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While QR codes have all but ensured that we don’t need to type out our Wi-Fi password, there are some occasions where you might still want to pull out that old paper with the password written out. Now, in case you forgot it for whatever reason, you can now see it with your Windows 11 PC.

Windows 11 Insiders are getting a new build of the operating system that’s coming with a wide range of changes. Among them, a tiny, yet important addition to the Wi-Fi settings will now let you look at your Wi-Fi password, so you can type it out on another device, or jot it down if you need to do so. It can come in handy if you happened to forget your password or if you need to give it to someone, or even if you need to sign a new device in.


Some of you might remember that Windows actually used to have this feature. Right up until Windows 10, users had the option to look at their Wi-Fi password right from the Wi-Fi settings. However, this option was a part of the OS’ Network and Sharing Center, which was removed as part of the update to Windows 11. Now, the feature is coming back.

If you want to check it out, you’ll need to wait a few weeks or months unless you’re an Insider.

Source: Microsoft

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