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The revamped taskbar and Start Menu are still missing some features found in earlier versions of Windows, including the ability to see each window in the taskbar with individual labels. That will finally change soon.

Windows 11 is bringing back ungrouped taskbar items, if you’d prefer that option over the default view. It’s officially called “never combined mode”, and it will show taskbar elements individually with their own labels, pre-Windows 7-style. Taskbar ungrouping was an option right up until Windows 10, but as part of the update to Windows 11 and its many redesigns, the taskbar lost a lot of functionality, including this feature. Microsoft has been working on listening to user feedback and bringing back some of these older features, and taskbar ungrouping is the latest to land.


Microsoft is currently rolling out this option to Insiders, so if you’re eager to test Windows 11 pre-release builds, you might be getting the option a bit earlier than most people. Once you have it, you’ll be able to find it on Settings > Personalization > Taskbar > Taskbar behaviors, and enable it from there. The company says that this is a staged rollout, and there’s a chance some Insiders won’t see it straight away.

For everyone else, though, chances are that you’ll need to wait for a few more weeks or months.

Source: Microsoft

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