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Fields of Golden Wheat Widescreen Wallpaper

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This one is a zip download with loads of different sizes so you can find one that matches your desktop resolution.

Update: Looks like the designer named it cornfield and it’s obviously wheat—oh well. Updated the name.

wheatfield – wallpaper pack [deviantART]

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  • Published 08/23/10

Comments (4)

  1. Redtop

    Very nice…too bad the designer doesn’t know the difference between a wheat field and a corn field…LOL!

  2. Russ

    Corn fields are green…right? LOL

  3. Scott

    In England, the word “corn” refers to what we call wheat (triticum aestivum) in America. What we Americans call “corn” (zea mays) is called maize in England.

  4. Bob1001

    auldsod South Africans call corn “mealies” or maize. Ripe wheat , when threshed, is dehusked and ground to make flour with a myriad uses, such as cakes and bread. Sifted flour make white bread ,cakes, biscuits etc and unsifted flour, which retains the fibre, is used to make brown bread, and other high-fibre types of food.

    The picture does not show maize, but a type of wheat – to South Africans. Wheat contains gluten to which many are allergic, while mealies (maize) has no gluten.

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