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The date and time module to the right of our Windows taskbar is tremendously useful for many people, but others prefer a simpler layout and might not want to look at the time constantly. Now, Windows 11 will let you hide the date and time from the taskbar.

The ability to hide the date and time in the taskbar first appeared roughly a month ago, but back then, it was only available to Windows Insiders. Now, though, Microsoft has properly unveiled the option as part of a series of changes announced for Windows 11 during the company’s latest Build keynote. Through a handy option in the date and time settings page on the Windows Settings, you’ll be able to remove the date and time from the taskbar, leaving you with a cleaner-looking taskbar.

Some people might not want to look at the time or date to stay focused, or because of other reasons, like capturing screenshots without having to worry about the date and time showing up. The option was available in earlier versions of Windows, but it was missing from Windows 11, until now.

The feature should roll out to everyone, but there isn’t a clear rollout timetable on Microsoft’s blog post, so it might take a few more weeks for the option to reach your PC.

Source: Microsoft

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