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One of the biggest additions to Windows 11 was Android app support, thanks to an Android subsystem. Since it was first introduced, Microsoft has been slowly working to improve and build the Android compatibility layer, and now it’s opening to more apps and games.

Android apps on Windows 11 appear in the Microsoft Store, but they are managed and hosted by the Amazon Appstore — the same app ecosystem used on Amazon’s Fire tablets. Now, anyone with an Appstore developer account can now submit their apps for review and distribution on Windows 11 PCs, opening the floodgates to all kinds of Android apps of any type landing on Windows computers.

This comes as Microsoft has been making improvements to the Windows Subsystem for Android. The subsystem has added support for Android 13 in addition to several other features, such as picture-in-picture mode, recently. Microsoft feels the subsystem to be mature enough by this point to allow all developers to submit their apps.

You probably won’t see an immediately noticeable influx of apps, but as the weeks go by, more and more stuff should begin popping up. Who knows — maybe the one app you were lacking on your computer actually arrives. Developers must make sure their apps are handling window resizing and native mapping to ensure they work correctly on Windows 11.

Source: Microsoft

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