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There are many features common in the smartphone world that haven’t quite jumped to PCs yet, including Bluetooth LE Audio. Thankfully, Microsoft is finally working on that.

Bluetooth LE Audio, short for Bluetooth Low Energy Audio, uses a low-power LC3 codec for both lower power consumption and better audio quality. It also supports connecting to multiple devices at the same time, broadcast audio, and more. Microsoft worked on the feature in Windows 11 in collaboration with Samsung and Intel.

Microsoft said in a blog post, “In partnership with Samsung Galaxy and Intel, Bluetooth® LE Audio brings high-quality audio at low power, delivering better experiences for your calls, videos, and music on compatible devices, including wireless ear buds like the Galaxy Buds2 Pro. We’re excited about this new feature and future possibilities as Bluetooth LE Audio expands to more devices.”

Bluetooth LE Audio can come in handy, and your earbuds might already support it. The standard has been around for years, and recent earbuds like the Galaxy Buds2 Pro already come with support for it. Support for this should land sometime within the next few weeks or months for Insiders and, eventually, regular Windows 11 installations as well.

Source: Microsoft

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