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The “new Edge” integrating AI features has been rolling out to users for some time, but while the AI sidebar is there, the redesign that was promised with it was nowhere to be seen. Now, Microsoft is going into more detail about this redesign.

At the company’s Build keynote today, Micosoft detailed the new redesign in Edge, which we first saw back in February. As we saw it last time, rounded edges are everywhere here and everything is a floating element in what Microsoft calls a “modular” system, made to differentiate web content and browser content generated by Microsoft Edge. This is in stark contrast to the previous design, which was a mix of Google Chrome influence and the older pre-Chromium Microsoft Edge design.

The profile shortcut is moved from the right side to the left, and it’s displayed more prominently. The AI sidebar remains unchanged, with Bing Chat being the main top element. But perhaps the most interesting part is how Microsoft says the browser is designed to “complement your operating system,” whether it’s Windows 11, macOS, or Linux. While no screenshots are provided of the browser running on other operating systems, that bit of text hints that the UI might be changed to fit the aesthetic of whatever OS you’re using.

We don’t know when this will roll out exactly, but you can probably expect it to land within the next few weeks or months. Of course, it might also be a great idea to switch browsers.

Source: Microsoft (1, 2)

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