Generative Fill in Photoshop image

Adobe has already dipped into the world of generative AI, with the introduction of Adobe Firefly in March. The company is now bringing generative AI to Photoshop to help you fix and remix your images.

Today, Adobe announced a new feature coming to Photoshop: Generative Fill. If you’ve used Photoshop before, you may be familiar with the Content-Aware Fill, which can fill a selected part of an image with content sampled from other parts of the image. It’s helpful for removing dust from a close-up photo, background people in an outside photo, and expanding the canvas of an image along the edges. Generative Fill is a significant upgrade, allowing you to add, extend, or remove selected content using simple text prompts.

Adobe said in a press release, “Generative Fill automatically matches perspective, lighting and style of images to enable users achieve astounding results while reducing tedious tasks. Generative Fill expands creative expression and productivity and enhances creative confidence of creators with the use of natural language and concepts to generate digital content in seconds.”

Adding a car and a lake to an image with Photoshop

The initial demonstrations look impressive, with new additions or deletions blending well into the original image. The core technology is like “outpainting” in DALL-E, but without the size restrictions and other limitations of DALL-E.

You can try out Generative Fill in the beta version of the desktop Photoshop app starting today, and Adobe says it will be rolled out to everyone “in the second half of 2023.” You can also try it from the Firefly beta app.

Source: Adobe

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