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How to Give Facebook a Pink Theme Instead of Blue

While we can’t understand why anybody would want a pink version of Facebook, we’re quite certain that someone somewhere would like it that way. Perhaps somebody of a less geeky persuasion.

There’s another reason why you might find this interesting of course—while you might be a geek and would prefer green on black for your Facebook experience, there’s a good chance your significant other, mom, or little sister might want it pink. You can score some brownie points by setting it up for them.

If you’re using Google Chrome as your web browser, all you have to do is head to the link below, and then click the Install button:

If you’re using Firefox, you’re going to have to head over to Mozilla Add-ons, install the Greasemonkey add-on, and then click the install button. If you’re using Internet Explorer, you’re pretty much out of luck, since user scripts don’t work on Internet Explorer.

Note: to uninstall from Chrome, head into Tools -> Extensions and click the uninstall button.

Facebook – pink! []

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  • Published 08/20/10

Comments (26)

  1. D

    Is there anyway to specify when a user logs in, it’ll turn it pink or not? I’m sure there is but it would be cool to know how to do that.

  2. Mar1e

    I absolutely LOVE PINK, so I have it and it works Great just moments to uplift my mood from dreary blue and my facebook page too!

  3. ChicaRoja

    I really enjoyed the whole experience learning bout user script, and manipulating it, And It seems to me that as of now there isn’t a away that you could allow every user to view your FB in Pink, because they have not changed the user script in their web browser. I don’t consider my self too savvy about PC’s but I think that this whole experience did teach me that.
    A not so newbie

  4. JonMCC33

    You should make a note that it only works with Firefox and Chrome, not IE8 or Opera.

  5. D

    It does work in Opera you just have to add it to your javascript folder, see this:

  6. Deep

    I am using Firefox and I have downloaded. But it’s not working for me

  7. uchiha

    hey its not working m using firefox….help plzzzzzz

  8. BARON

    Does it work with SEAMONKEY????????/

  9. Jayant

    However,Blue theme is better looking.I’ll try this one

  10. Izzy

    FYI: “Geeks” = men AND WOMEN. That final sentence is so overtly sexist. Perhaps the reviewer is so uncertain regarding his sexuality that he has to proclaim at all times that he dislikes anything “feminine”. (I wonder – when was pink officially defined as a feminine color??)

  11. Garza

    “(I wonder – when was pink officially defined as a feminine color??)”

    In that case you should evaluate your Gender bias in yourself. You might be Gay !!

  12. Deana Hurley

    My FB is PINK!!!!


  13. Deana Hurley

    Any other colours available my friends would like to know?

  14. Christine

    How can i turn Facebook back to blue?

  15. megan

    how can i get my blue facebook face?:(

  16. T

    Does it work on MacBook OSX/Safari?

  17. juana mares

    i pay to use the pink theme of facebook but i dnt get it yet.what can i do/

  18. lhuv

    My facebook turns into pink however the upper right corner (from search to home, profile and account) remains color blue.. Can anyone help me fix it? I would really love it to be absolutely pink.. Thanks much!! ^_^

  19. candra

    I think I love it

  20. Jan

    Where is tools in Chrome!?? I’m trying to undo this.

  21. Jedi

    im using firefox but still not working!

  22. Alex H

    How about for Safari on a macbook pro?

  23. Kathy

    Yay! My fb is pink!! Aweesomee!

  24. abbie

    is there anywhere to ensure that i wont get a virus???????

  25. somi

    How can I get bloue facebook again after I has installed this pink facebook?

  26. Phoebe

    Make purple – or black and green – or red and black

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