On Chrome for desktop and Android, navigate to a product page in an online store and click the bell icon in the address bar. On Chrome for iPhone and iPad, leave a product page open in a tab and check for price drop badges to appear.

One of the best things about online shopping is the ability to track prices over time. There are a bunch of tools to help you do this, but you may already have one—Google Chrome. We’ll show you how it works.

Price tracking is available in Google Chrome on the desktop, Android, iPhone, and iPad. On Android, iPhone, iPad, you can simply leave a product page open and a badge will appear on the tab if a price drop is detected. On the desktop, a little more effort is required.

Price Tracking in Chrome for Desktop

First, navigate to a product that you’re interested in tracking. We’ll be using the Fitbit Luxe from Best Buy as an example. There’s no official list of supported retailers for this feature in Chrome; it’s pretty hit or miss.

Best Buy product page.

If Chrome does its thing, you’ll see a little button on the right side of the address bar that says “Track Price” or simply a bell icon. Click it.

Select “Track Price” from the pop-up. It may automatically start tracking the price when you click the icon, in which case you can click “Done.”

Start tracking the product.

Now, to see your tracked products, click the “Side Panel” button next to your profile icon.

Tracked products are listed at the bottom of the Side Panel. You can click the bell icon to stop tracking a product.

Tracked products in the Side Panel.

If you’d like to get notifications for price drops on your saved products, go to Chrome Settings > Sync and Google Services > Make sure “Get price tracking notifications” is toggled on.

Toggle on notifications.

That’s all there is to it! Sit back and let Chrome tell you when it’s the best time to buy a product.

Price Tracking in Chrome for Android and iPhone

On iPhone and iPad, you can track prices by simply leaving a product page open in a tab and waiting for a price drop badge to appear. This can be toggled on or off from Settings > Google Services > Track Prices on Tabs.

The same feature is available on Android, but you also have the option to manually track products like you can on the desktop. Navigate to a product page—we’re looking at the Galaxy Watch 5 on Best Buy—and tap the bell icon in the top bar.

A menu will appear with the option to choose a location to save the bookmark and enable or disable alerts for price drops.

Price tracking options.

That’s all there is to it. Simply visit the bookmark location to remove the product when you’re done with it.

Chrome may not be the most advanced price tracking tool you can use, but it’s very easy to set up if you’re already a Chrome user. For things you don’t need immediately, it never hurts to use a tracker and see if the price changes. You might snag a great deal if you’re patient enough.

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