Quip smart toothrbush magnetic charging cable and silicon carrying case

Quip has garnered lots of attention with its unique approach to personal hygiene. The smart electric toothbrush practically gamifies oral care with its smart electric toothbrushes and helpful tools that give you a cleaner mouth. But as cool as these toothbrushes are, there are five neat upgrades that can make a Quip toothbrush even better.

Unlock Limitless Power With a Solar Battery Charger

Let the energy of the sun fuel your oral hygiene with Quip’s Solar Battery Charger. Featuring a built-in tilt to promote improved light exposure, the charger gives you a three-month charge per battery. Recharge one while the other powers your Quip to ensure you always have your smart toothbrush handy.

Not only is the charger convenient, but it’s also eco-friendly. You’ll passively participate in the reduction of waste while actively breaking down plaque.

Quip Solar Battery Charger

The Quip Solar Battery Charger uses the power of the sun to juice up a pair of rechargeable batteries designed for Quip electric toothbrushes, ensuring you never have to plug in your Quip electric toothbrush and charge it with a power outlet again.

Always Be Prepared With a Spare Motor

There’s nothing more frustrating than being halfway through your oral hygiene routine and having the motor die. Sure, a toothbrush is still a toothbrush, even without fancy mechanics, but the Quip Smart Motor is what connects the Quip app (available on iPhone/iPad and Android) to keep track of your brush cycle. Bluetooth enabled, you can upgrade a standard Quip into a smart toothbrush just by adding the motor.

Quip Smart Motor

The Quip Smart Motor is the driving force behind every Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush, giving it the power to operate all vibrating and smart features that can be accessed through a paired smartphone.

Keep Things Charged With a Magnetic Charging Cord

Charging has never been more convenient with the Quip Magnetic Charging Cable, which features LED indicator lights to let you know when your Quip is ready to go. The cord is compatible with Quip products like the water flosser and can provide an eight-week charge after just four hours of being plugged in.

Quip Magnetic Charging Cable

The Quip Magnetic Charging Cord simplifies wall-based charging by allowing it to attach to a Quip toothbrush via a magnetic connection to deliver instant power.

Take Your Routine on the Road With the Refresh Bag

Quip’s soft-shell, flexible silicon carrying case can hold practically everything you need for your morning and nightly bathroom routine. When not in use, the case can store easily and collapse flat. Otherwise, the zippered mesh pockets are enough to store toiletries and more for when you’re on the road. It’s the perfect travel companion, complete with dedicated spots for your Quip smart toothbrush, toothpaste, an extra battery, and more.

Quip Refresh Bag

The Quip Refresh Bag is a dedicated carrying case that’s perfect for holding your Quip toothbrush and accessories, making it a perfect companion for storage and travel.

Protect Your Quip With a Travel Cover

Add an extra layer of convenience to your brushing with the Quip Travel Cover. The cover can stick to practically any surface, from glass to tile, and is compatible with the magnetic charging cable. Keep the elements away from your smart toothbrushes’ bristles and enjoy an added layer of convenience when hotel hopping.

Quip Travel Cover

The Quip Travel Cover is a travel-friendly add-on that makes your Quip electric toothbrush easier to store, protect, and use while on the road.

Upgrade Your Quip Today

Make your Quip smart toothbrush even smarter with any of these five upgrades. Available directly through the official website, each of these add-ons provides a new layer of convenience to your oral hygiene routine, making it simpler (and maybe even fun?) to brush your teeth.

Quip Smart Toothbrush

Enjoy a cleaner, bright smiler with Quip's smart toothbrush, and enhance your brushing with Quip's available upgrades.

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