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Ever since ChatGPT took the world by storm, there has been a pile of unofficial mobile apps, some of which were outright scams. OpenAI has now released an official iPhone app for ChatGPT, with an Android version on the way.

OpenAI, the company developing ChatGPT, released the first official mobile app for the popular chatbot today. The website is already accessible on mobile devices, but the app has a more minimal design and improved support for voice input. In fact, it might be too minimal, even compared to the Bing Chat app.

ChatGPT for iPhone can’t speak answers aloud (even if the question was spoken into the microphone), there’s no support for plugins, and there are no home screen widgets. OpenAI also hasn’t built an iPad layout or Apple Watch companion app, though if you open the app on an iPad in Stage Manager, it doesn’t look terrible.

images of ChatGPT app

OpenAI said in a blog post, “We’re starting our rollout in the US and will expand to additional countries in the coming weeks. We’re eager to see how you use the app. As we gather user feedback, we’re committed to continuous feature and safety improvements for ChatGPT.”

Annoyingly, there isn’t an official Android app yet — OpenAI says that is coming “soon.” If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone or other Android device, saving the website to your home screen is probably still the best option.

You can download the app from the App Store. It requires iOS 16.1 or later.

Source: OpenAI

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