Microsoft has moved pretty quickly with its Bing chatbot. Just months ago, it needed a waitlist, but it’s now accessible to everyone with a Microsoft account. Now, it’s available for absolutely everyone, as Microsoft has dropped the login requirement.

Microsoft has announced that starting today, people can use Bing Chat without being logged into a Microsoft account. If you have a Windows PC and you’ve been using it from Edge, chances are that you’re actually already authenticated, even though it probably never asked you to log in. This change means that if you don’t happen to have a Microsoft account or any Microsoft devices, you can still play around with Bing.

Unauthenticated chat does have some limitations compared to authenticated chat, however. Namely, you’re limited to only five chat turns, meaning you can send it five queries and it’ll reply back five times. To come around this requirement, you can sign up for a Microsoft account, which will increase your chat turns, or you can close the chat tab and open a new instance (which does mean that the new session won’t have any context from the previous one).

If you want to try it out and harness the power of generative AI, make sure to head to Bing to do so. If you don’t yet have access without an account, you might need to wait a few weeks, as it’s a change that’s rolling out gradually.

Source: Thurrott

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