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Deep 7 is an Awesome Visual Style that Completely Customizes Windows 7

Deep 7 is an impressive visual style hack for Windows 7 that completely customizes almost every aspect of the interface. It’s really worth a look.

You’ll need to make sure you’ve already hacked your visual styles, or at least installed UxStyle before you can install it. Hit the link for the full preview with close-up screenshots of some of the window elements.

Note: “hacking” your system implies that you should understand that there could be consequences to said hacking, including issues with your system.

dEEP 7 3.0 [deviantART]

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  • Published 08/21/10

Comments (7)

  1. Guest I am

    really sorry but im a newbie on here. What do you do with the files after extracting them?

  2. Falkner

    Hey, I got problem, kinda. When I change my system files my skype starts to crash everytime I open it. With original explorer.exe and explorer shell everything is OK. Any ideas?

  3. The Geek


    Unfortunately system customizations can sometimes interfere with applications like Skype, which use non-standard window drawing code. I’m not sure if there’s a workaround for that.

  4. Geni

    Is it possible to use this with windows 7 starter? ….if not is there some workaround ? I’ve been able to hack the start orb etc. but can’t find something within starter similar to the aero.styles.

  5. Jakson Rochelly


  6. james

    Yes, it is unfortunate that system customization can interfere with NUMEROUS programs which results in a trashed install. What’s really unfortunate is that on most tech blogs the writer never issues the caveat that system files will be altered, how long he/she has been using the customization, or how to undo all of the damage. Most likely, a number of programs will need a re-install.

  7. Kalpesh

    what size of monitor are you using ? Coll screenshot !

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