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Smart watches may be popular, but are they really worth it? Do we really need another smartphone buzzing with notifications and downloading software updates on our wrist? Here’s why we think analog watches may actually be better than smart watches.

Smart Watches Are Packed With Unnecessary Features

How often do you receive notifications on your phone in a day? Between text messages, phone calls, email alerts, and social media notifications, it could be well over several dozen pings. On your phone, they’re easy to ignore. But imagine the same number of notifications filtered right to your wrist. And you have to read each minuscule message to gauge its importance. On a day when you’re most popular, it could be enough to drive anyone mad.

What did you do before your smart watch? You waited until you could read everything on your phone at once, right? So why the sudden urgency to have to immeidately read everything in a smaller format on your wrist? Observe anyone with a smart watch, and you’ll see that little wrist flick whenever a notification comes through.

Smart Watches Nag You With Alerts

Along with the advent of the modern smart watch came a heavy focus on fitness and health. Smartphones may come preinstalled with health-centric apps, but smart watches are far more aggressive. Sit for too long, and you’ll be advised to stand up and walk around by your wearable. It’s not always practical to just go for a walk, especially if you’re knee-deep in stressful work, exhausted, or sick. And yet you’ll still get that taunting vibration telling you that you need to move.

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Smart Watches Need Nightly Charging

Yes, analog watches do need a power source. No, they don’t burn through power nearly as fast as a smart watch. Because smart watches are constantly doing something, whether it’s shouting at you to move around or forcing you to pay attention to spam email number 65 of the day. If you have a very active smart watch that’s constantly going off, then you should expect the battery to last for less than 24 hours. That means, if you forget to charge it overnight, you won’t have your watch the next day.

With an analog watch, you could go years without ever having to think about the battery. Some manufacturers even offer solar-powered options that require no charging at all, making nightly stints on the charger or battery swaps a thing of the past.

Smart Watches Have Bugs and Need Updates

Similarly to your smartphone, smart watches run on software and operating systems. Also similarly to your smartphone, these components need to be updated on a regular basis for maximum usability and efficiency. These components aren’t infallible, and they’re always prone to glitches, bugs, and other issues common with this sort of technology.

A smart watch is just another device you have to ensure is properly updated and not exhibiting day-ruining bugs. And if there are bugs, will an update fix them, or do they require a visit to the company’s repair center?

Frequent Replacements and Constant Maintenance

With an analog watch, you slap it on your wrist and occasionally wipe off dirt that may accumulate over the weeks. With a smart watch, maintenance is a little more involved. Is the battery degrading too fast? Is it updated to the latest version? Is it running slow because it’s low on memory? There’s always something to think about to ensure you’re getting the most out of your smart watch.

And these are the exact same worries you already have with your smartphone, which you can’t even get rid of or leave at home when you own a smart watch. So, really, what’s being gained save for another piece of tech that you need to worry about?

The Solar-Powered Alternative to Smart Tech

It may be time to admit that smart wearables aren’t really all they’re cracked up to be. Compare a smart watch to a Solios’ solar-powered analog, and you’ll find the elegance and minimal interactivity of the latter to be a much more attractive option.

Solios’ environmentally-friendly watches are an upgrade on the old analog tech without being an overbearing nuisance. With one of these luxurious watches, you’ll enjoy a generally hassle-free experience. Not only will you lose the constant notifications of a smart watch, the updated timepiece is more efficient than standard analogs thanks to its solar-powered battery.

When shopping for your next watch, be mindful of the allure of smart watches and consider an option that requires very little of your attention and minimal upkeep.

Solios Solar Powered-Watch

Solios eco-friendly, solar-powered watch is the latest in analog wearables, providing a sleek, elegant look with maximum functionality.

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