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RescueTime Accidentally Lets Their Domain Expire, Blames GoDaddy

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Time tracking software maker RescueTime learned today that you should register your domain for at least 9 years at a time if you’re running a business—when GoDaddy disabled their domain for failure to renew.

If you look at a whois report for the domain, you can clearly see that the domain would have expired yesterday, and they renewed it today, which is why it hasn’t updated for everybody yet.

What happened, per a post on Hacker News by one of the RescueTime people:

We had the domain set to autorenew every 2 years. The card # was no longer valid (one of the frequent instances where banks randomly send out new credit cards and invalidate old ones to keep ahead of fraudsters?).

The amazing thing is that GoDaddy sent the notice that the billing failed at midnight last night. And parked the domain. No grace period.

We’ve never been fans of GoDaddy’s services—every time you try to renew a domain, you’re presented with loads of “upsells” that you absolutely don’t want, and their renewal pricing is ridiculous. Dealing with them is a chore, and that’s why we’ve registered most of our domains through Dreamhost instead.

[via Hacker News]

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  • Published 08/15/10

Comments (16)

  1. Sid

    Yeaa Godaddy Sucks big time, they send out too much of spam and they grab good domain names when any one searches them on their domain finder, there is a guy at the backend buying the good ones. I never trusted go daddy, the thing is i dont like their logo :P .. Yea and i use (They are the best for Domains) and DreamHost (They are the best for hosting)

  2. Callum Booth

    I’m not a big fan of Godaddy to be honest. I’ve always stuck with 123-reg! :)

  3. RCG3

    Actually I’d say the problem is laziness on the “auto renew” part. Me .. I can’t stand auto-renew, hits me for money when I didn’t expect it, and probably like in this case.. no one knew it was going to happen until it was too late. Doesn’t matter if the registration period is for 1 year, 9 years or 99 years … its never front of mind (oh god is my domain expiring today? I better check … nope… let me check tomorrow and see..) And the card expiring or set your renew for 9 years, and the next accountant that comes in to replace poor Sally who passed in her sleep last week .. they’d be all “what the h*ll is this?”

    no.. auto-renew is the bad thing.. people believe too much in Ron Popeil’s slogan “set it and forget it” and believe it can be applied to everything.. next thing you know WHAMO Ronco kills ya dot com… :)

  4. Seth

    I’ve had a good experience with Namecheap.

  5. Pmiddy

    I have used GoDaddy in the past and they send you constant reminders when your domains are about to expire. Don’t blame this on GoDaddy, blame this on a lazy administrator. The article states GoDaddy did not give a “grace period” on renewing their domain name, this statement has nothing to do with GoDaddy as they do not set the policies of the registrars, GoDaddy follows the rules set forth by the registrars. In all my years dealing with domain names, when they expire, they expire. No “grace period.”

    I am not a GoDaddy fanboy, but when someone blames someone else for their incompetence, they must be called out.


  6. Camilo Martin

    I came here following the “How to Enable Ctrl+V for Pasting in the Windows Command Prompt” link in today’s newsletter.

    It’s not the first time links, descriptions or titles get mixed up in the newsletter, smells like quick-n-dirty “in-house” code on the automation.

  7. The Geek


    Wow, looks like you’re right, I’m seeing the same thing.

    In fact, the problem appears to be click tracking from Aweber, the company that we use to actually send the newsletter – their servers are redirecting to the wrong place. I’m going to have to disable click tracking, it appears.

  8. Earl Truss

    ALL the links in today’s newsletter come to this one article.

  9. The Geek

    Yeah, sorry about the links. There was a problem with our newsletter automation, it appears. I’ll have it fixed.

  10. Southy

    Yeah I agree, Go Daddy sucks, Dreamhost is definitely the way to go.

  11. Greg Joiner

    Go Daddy is cool, the prices are MUCH cheaper than many other registrars and they DO start warning you 90 days out. Put things like this on your calendar, and only use a safe constant e-mail address when you register, NOT your local ISP who change their names every few years.

    Bottom line- If your expiration date passes and you miss it YOU missed it and are not paying attention to your own site.

  12. brvmama

    why is it all the links in the main page is leading to this page? is it a bug or a malware?

  13. MelanieSadler

    where is the “fix” for control V pasting?

  14. The Geek


    It’s just a bug. There’s a whole bunch of other comments asking the same thing.

  15. ladyontime

    Try Time Doctor, Its an alternative to Rescue Time that we use in the company.

  16. UnknownTBeast

    I’m sorry, but was that all to the article? What ever happened to the webmaster at Rescue Time who should had ensured that it would not expire? This is a one sided article. Where is GoDaddy’s response?

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