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iFixit is one of the best resources for repairing tech, with guides and teardowns for many products, and even a store for tools and replacement parts. Now, iFixit is adding genuine Logitech mice parts to its collection.

iFixit is officially adding genuine parts for the Logitech MX Master and MX Anywhere mouse models, which will soon be available in the company’s Logitech Repair Hub, first in the US only. This means that if you have one of those two mice and you want to open it up, iFixit will sell you feet replacements and battery replacements, as well as documentation so you don’t mess your mouse further while repairing it. The process should be easier than most other electronics repairs, but detailed guides are always appreciated.

The repair kits come with everything that you need for the repair, so you don’t really need to buy anything extra aside from the kit. iFixit will also give you all the necessary screwdrivers, opening picks, and other stuff. So if you need to fix your mouse, unpack your iFixit kit and go to town.

If you have a Logitech mouse that needs some repairing, now you have an option for fixing it yourself. Here’s hoping the program opens up to more Logitech mice in the future.

Source: iFixit

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