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Google Responded to Oracle Lawsuit by Banning Them from Search? Wait…

On Friday, a news item started making the rounds claiming that Google responded to the Oracle lawsuit by banning them from their search engine. There’s just one problem: it never happened.

The post over at IPWatchdog boldly claimed that “Google Briefly Punishes Oracle by Removal from Google Search”, and showed off a screenshot that proved that at 3:00 PM Google had removed Oracle from the search index, and then by 6 PM there was another screenshot showing that it had returned.

The only problem is that this never happened. What did happen was a hoax making the rounds with a specially encoded URL trick—you can see for yourself by going to this URL, which uses URL encoding tricks to hide the real letters.

You’ll notice if you look carefully at the URL in the location bar that it’s actually a fraud, and isn’t “Oracle” at all—the L is actually a capital letter I, but in the Google search box it looks like a lowercase L. Doh.

The moral of this story? Don’t blindly click on links.

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  • Published 08/15/10

Comments (6)

  1. Haresh

    :O How can these sites post thing without verifying them first.

    Here’s one site which posted just the same:

  2. The Geek


    Yeah, that’s actually the post I mentioned in the article…

  3. Abhishek

    Nice one ;)

  4. Bambo

    Comments on that post is even more amazing when you find out the played “fool” is.

    The founder of is Gene Quinn, who is a patent attorney, law professor and a leading commentator on patent law and procedure.

    Last comment I read suggested to leave him alone since at this stage he was only “trolling” ;) Comforting…

  5. NomadWanderer

    @Haresh Oh how can these commenters post without reading the article first :)

  6. ProstheticHead

    @NomadWanderer LOL!

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