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Microsoft Security Essentials Gets Another Virus-Killing Certification

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Not sure how many of you know about the VB100 award but it’s a public test conducted by Virus Bulletin, a highly reputable testing organization in the industry, designed to measure the detection effectiveness and quality of antivirus (AV) products. The most important validation of AV quality comes from independent certification organizations like Virus Bulletin.

And so it is no surprise that we are very excited to share that Microsoft Security Essentials, our no-cost anti-malware service for consumers, achieved the VB100 award for the August 2010 Edition of Virus Bulletin.

Microsoft Security Essentials Earns August VB100 certification [Windows Answers]

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  • Published 08/13/10

Comments (6)

  1. acarr

    I’ve installed and tried MSE three times and every time it opened once and after that would not open. I gave up. I am using AVG Free and have XP home. It works fine on my wife’s laptop with Vista.

  2. resident tech

    Your computer may be infected preventing MSE from installing correctly (if at all). If you are using Norton or McAffee there is a good chance that it is infected. Their detection rate sucks when compared to MSE. I have tested this myself with a known infected usb thumb drive. Go to panda security to do an online scan and then when cleared try again but first uninstall any other antivirus on your computer. If that doesn’t work than MSE may just be incompatible with XP or there may be 32 and 64 bit versions. I will have to research that.

  3. msh

    i used MSE for almost 2 months but when there update for windows i stopped and there is error in running
    i am sure there no virus in my computer and i am using xp orginal copy.

  4. chessspartan

    i’ve been using mse ever since it was released. i have had no problems with it. i’m using it as my primary anti-virus program now with no complaints. other then being a bit slow while in full scan mode, i’ve never been happer with a any other anti-virus program. and it’s “free”.

  5. Derf24

    We are most pleased with MSE and run it on all our 4 PCs; set for daily Quick Scan with an update check immediately before scan, Real time Protection turned on with NO exclusions.
    3 PCs Windows 7 Home Premium (x-64), 1 PC Windows XP Pro SP3 (x-86).

  6. charles849

    MSSE works I only retired it because zonealarm security suite has a free 30 day trial when it expires I’ll go back to MSSE

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