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You Can Reset Your Forgotten Windows Password with the Sticky Keys Trick

Ever forgotten your Windows password? There’s lots of ways to reset a forgotten password, but here’s an interesting one that uses the Sticky Keys feature to reset the password with a simple hack.

Of course, we should point out that our preferred method would be to reset the Windows password with an Ubuntu Live CD, or from the Linux SysRescueCD. You can even use the Ultimate Boot CD for Windows if you wanted to.

Otherwise, you can check out this interesting trick.

Forgot the administrator password? The Sticky Keys trick [4sysops]

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  • Published 08/13/10

Comments (4)

  1. transccx

    cool man its really cool

  2. Susanami

    If you don’t want to change the password:

    1 > Get a program called Ophcrack(very large. 496Mb)
    2 >> Download the liveCD (ISO)
    3 >> Burn the ISO to a CD using an ISO burner
    4 >> The Live CD’s come with the free rainbow tables, so you might need to download other tables (cost money)
    4 >> Bootup from the CD
    5 >> Crack the SAM and System file

    Another easier way is to remove windows password.
    Try Windows password Recovery Tool 3.0, you can login back in 5 minutes with it!

  3. ptantiku

    that’s brilliant!

  4. transccx

    wo now try ma tricks +918800337232

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