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Many think of passkeys as the future of online authentication. Someone else knowing your password can be catastrophic to your online life, and while two-factor authentication helps, there are ways to secure yourself even further. Now, one of the main password managers is supporting passkeys.

1Password had previously announced that it planned to roll out support for passkeys. Now, passkeys are officially landing on 1Password. The app now lets you add and manage passkeys for services where you have them set up, letting you get rid of passwords completely, and thus, making your account even safer against malicious actors.

In case you don’t know what a passkey is, we have a whole explainer in pretty simple terms. The short version is that it removes the step of entering a password from the login process of a website or service, replacing it completely with in-device authentication — use the biometric method in your phone or PC, and you’re in, no password entry required. If you use a password manager, it’s essentially the same thing for you, except instead of entering your password upon putting your fingerprint, it just authenticates directly.

Right now, passkeys are not available on the mobile version of 1Password, and you’ll need to download the beta version of the browser extension if you want to give them a spin. You also can’t replace your master password with a passkey just yet, although that’s in the roadmap and should land within the next few months.

If you want to try passkeys out, download the beta version of the browser extension, or wait until they roll out to everyone.

Source: The Verge

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