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What to Look For in a Google Pixel 7a Case in 2023

Unlike many premium smartphones, the Google Pixel 7a doesn’t feature a fragile glass back. That said, it’s still important to keep the phone protected, but there are almost too many options to choose from.

The first factor to consider is your budget. Cases are typically fairly affordable, but some can range up to $60 or more, depending on features. The type of material you choose—leather, for example—can impact the price significantly.

Some materials, like thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), offer better protection than others. Various features like impact cushions can add extra protection on top of the type of material used. Some cases are drop-tested up to a certain height.

You’ll also need to consider the form factor. While a big, bulky case often adds protection, it makes your phone bulkier and harder to use. A thin case offers a form factor closer to using the phone without a case, but these typically don’t add as much protection.

Once you’ve settled on the basics, it’s time to think about whether you want any extra features. For example, wallet cases let you store cash and credit cards alongside your phone, while clear cases let you show off your Pixel 7a’s design while still protecting it.

Finally, it’s worth considering whether you need a case at all. There are some worthwhile arguments for using your phone without a case.

Best Pixel 7a Case Overall: Caseology Parallax for Google Pixel 7a

Caseology Parallax collage


  • Hexa Cube design looks nice and adds grip
  • Multiple color options
  • Military-grade protection
  • Precise cutouts


  • Looks the same as Parallax cases for other phones

The best phone cases are a delicate balance of form and function, adding utility without making your phone look overly bulky or ugly. The Caseology Parallax for Google Pixel 7a is a perfect example of an excellent blend between protection and usability.

Let’s start with the 3D Hexa Cube design that Caseology uses on the Parallax. This adds a unique look to the case but is far from purely aesthetic. This design also adds grip, making your phone far less likely to skip down the sidewalk. Whether you drop your Pixel 7a or set it down, raised bezels protect the screen.

The Parallax is far from a rugged phone case, but Caseology advertises it is “certified with military-grade protection” on its Amazon listing. It’s also thin enough that it won’t interfere with wireless charging, so you never have to remove the case to charge your phone.

The Caseology Parallax for Google Pixel 7a is available in Burgundy, Matte Black, Midnight Blue, and Sage Green.

Best Pixel 7a Case Overall

Caseology Parallax for Google Pixel 7a

If you're looking for a case with a perfect blend of protection and aesthetic touches, the Caseology Parallax for Google Pixel 7a is a great choice that will keep your phone looking brand new.

Best Budget Pixel 7a Case: JETech Slim Fit Case for Google Pixel 7a

JETech Slim Fit front and back


  • Slim fit
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Plenty of color options


  • Sort of plain looking

Not everyone wants to spend more than a few bucks on a case, but fortunately, budget doesn’t mean bad, especially since we’re talking about shaped TPU. The JETech Slim Fit Case for Google Pixel 7a will protect your phone without costing more than you aim to spend.

As the name implies, this is a slim case, which is great if you don’t want bulk. TPU cutouts let you access the Pixel 7a’s buttons directly, while raised bezels protect your screen. As this is a slim-style case, wireless charging will work perfectly fine with the case on your phone.

The JETech Slim Fit Case features a sleek-looking matte finish, which also adds grip. The case is available in Black, Blue, Dark Green, Pink, and Purple color options.

Best Budget Pixel 7a Case

JETech Slim Fit Case for Google Pixel 7a

The JETech Slim Fit Case for Google Pixel 7a will protect your phone without adding unnecessary bulk, and it will do it on the cheap, making this a perfect option for anyone on a budget.

Best Wallet Pixel 7a Case: iCoverCase for Google Pixel 7a Wallet Case

iCoverWallet Case front and back


  • Plenty of card slots
  • Zippered pocket
  • Adjustable crossbody strap for easy carrying
  • Plenty of color varieties


  • Zipper and straps add bulk

If you’re already carrying your phone and need a case, why carry a wallet too? That’s precisely the type of thinking behind the iCoverCase for Google Pixel 7a Wallet Case, which goes above and beyond the features you typically see in wallet-style cases.

This case features four card slots and a cash slot, but that’s not all. In addition to these, there is also a zippered pocket, which is handy for change or anything small that you want to ensure doesn’t fall out of the case while you’re using your phone.

Unlike most wallet cases, this model also features a detachable, adjustable crossbody strap, useful for anyone wearing clothing that doesn’t feature much in the way of pockets. Like many wallet cases, the iCoverCase also features a kickstand mode, perfect for watching videos on your phone.

Depending on the color you choose, the case uses either faux leather or fabric outer material. This case is available in six color varieties: Black, Blue, Claret, Green, Purple, and Rose Gold.

Best Wallet Pixel 7a Case

iCoverCase for Google Pixel 7a Wallet Case with Card Holder, Kickstand Feature PU Leather Case with Adjustable Crossbody Lanyard Magnetic Clasp Zipper Pocket Flip Cover (Black)

The iCoverCase for Google Pixel 7a goes beyond what you'd typically expect of a wallet case, with a zippered pocket for important items and a crossbody strap to make carrying it easy, no matter where you are.

Best Rugged Pixel 7a Case: Poetic Guardian Series Case for Google Pixel 7a

Poetic Guardian cases
Poetic Guardian


  • Drop tested from 20 feet
  • Port covers keep water out
  • Tempered glass screen protector included
  • Includes second front frame


  • Bulkier than other cases

If your life is somewhat incompatible with the fragileness of a smartphone, a rugged case will help you keep it in one piece. The Poetic Guardian Series Case for Google Pixel 7a will keep your phone protected, front and back, from any angle you can think of.

According to the Amazon listing, one of the most impressive aspects of the Poetic Guardian Series case is that its mil-grade drop tested from 20 feet. It’s not too likely you’ll drop your phone that far, but it’s nice to know that the case has your back if you do. Don’t worry about water either, as this case features port covers to protect your Pixel 7a.

Unlike most cases, this model includes a tempered glass screen protector built into a sturdy front frame. If you would rather not use a screen protector, or if you have another protector you prefer, Poetic includes a second front frame without a screen protector. Both frames have raised bezels to protect your screen.

The Poetic Guardian Series Case comes in Black, Blue, Green, and Pink.

Best Rugged Pixel 7a Case

Poetic Guardian Series Case for Google Pixel 7a

If you want to take your Google Pixel 7a places it really shouldn't be going, the Poetic Guardian Series Case will help you get there, with maximum protection for both the front and back of the phone.

Best Clear Pixel 7a Case: Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Pixel 7a

Spigen Ultra Hybrid graphic


  • Crystal clear case won't yellow over time
  • Raised bezels protect screen and camera
  • Lets you show off your Pixel 7a's design


  • Still bulkier than using no case

You just bought a new phone, and now you’ll cover it with a case, so you can’t see it? That’s where clear cases like the Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Pixel 7a come in, letting you protect your phone without radically changing its appearance.

Other than looks, this is a relatively simple case, wrapping your phone in a thin, clear layer of TPU and plastic composite. Raised bezels around the screen and the camera lenses protect the Pixel 7a’s glass elements from damage. This case also features raised buttons and large cutouts capable of accommodating most cables.

While we’re looking at the Crystal Clear version of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, it’s also available in Matte Black and Zero One, which shows a fictional version of your Pixel 7a’s insides.

Best Clear Pixel 7a Case

Spigen Ultra Hybrid Designed for Pixel 7a

If you want to show off the design of your Google Pixel 7a, the Crystal Clear version of the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is perfect, with plenty of protection for your screen and camera as well as the body.

Best Thin Pixel 7a Case: Spigen Liquid Air Designed for Pixel 7a

Spigen Liquid Air collage


  • Adds just 0.07 inches to the 7a's depth
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Wireless charging compatible


  • Only available in two colors

Nobody likes a bulky phone. If they did, manufacturers wouldn’t constantly be producing thinner and thinner phones. Adding a case means adding some bulk to your phone, but as the Spigen Liquid Air Designed for Pixel 7a shows, it doesn’t have to add much.

The Liquid Air case wraps tightly around the Pixel 7a, adding just 0.07 inches of extra depth. There’s a decent amount of mil-grade protection here too, with air cushions to help absorb shocks, even at the corners.

Look closely at the case, and you’ll see the design is made up of many tiny triangles. This anti-slip surface helps prevent losing your grip on the phone, which can be more common with thin cases.

As thin as it is, the Spigen Liquid Air Designed for Pixel 7a case doesn’t interfere with wireless charging. The case is available in Matte Black and Abyss Green.

Best Thin Pixel 7a Case

Spigen Liquid Air Designed for Pixel 7a Case

The Spigen Liquid Air Designed for Pixel 7a is as close as a case gets to feeling like it's not there, while still helping you keep your grip and protecting the phone from unexpected drops.

Best Leather Pixel 7a Case: Banzoc Case for Google Pixel 7a

Banzoc Leather Case on pink background


  • Three-layer design keep your phone protected
  • Four leather finish options
  • Raised lip protects screen and cameras


  • Colorful models may not be for everyone

If you’re going for a more professional look for your phone, a leather case is a great way to go, as these still offer plenty of protection. The Banzoc Case for Google Pixel 7a isn’t a wallet case, as many leather cases are, which is great if you prefer your case on the thin side.

While this is a leather case, it’s not all leather. The interior is made of a plastic composite shell, covered with a layer of soft TPU to absorb shocks. The leather sits on the outside of these two layers, adding its unique look and own form of protection.

A raised 1mm lip around the screen and another 1.7mm lip around the camera lenses keeps the glass well-protected. The Banzoc Case for Google Pixel 7a supports wireless charging and is available in Brown, Black, Blue, and Red color options.

Best Leather Pixel 7a Case

Banzoc Case for Google Pixel 7a

If you're looking for a more professional look for your case, the Banzoc Case for Google Pixel 7a is a great option, with understated black and brown options as well as more colorful varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning your case depends on the material, but for many cases, removing the case from your phone and cleaning with a slightly damp cloth is all it takes. Be careful when using disinfectants and cleaning wipes, as these could leave visible markings on some types of cases.

No. The Pixel 7a has a different design that means it won’t properly fit into a case designed for the Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro. Both are too large for the 7a.

The Google Pixel 7a retails for $499, though you may get it for less if you can find it on sale.

Yes. The Google Pixel 7a features 7.5W wireless charging.

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