When thinking about Apple-made earbuds and headphones, AirPods might come to mind. Beats is still alive as an Apple brand, though, and now there’s a new Beats Studio Buds+.

The new Beats Studio Buds+ are, as you might be able to guess, a revision of the Beats Studio Buds that were first launched in 2021. Those are some of the best earbuds your money can buy, and these are no different. They look pretty much identical on the outside as their older cousins, but they come with plenty of improvements on the inside. For starters, they have three new acoustic vents for improving audio precision and fit, with four ear tip options from XS to L to ensure a snug fit regardless of what size you need.


They also come with ANC and, for Apple Music users, spatial audio as well. Apple users will be able to enjoy the creature comforts that come with buying something from the Apple ecosystem, including one-touch pairing and Hey Siri support, as well as “Find My” to find your lost earbuds. The nice thing about Beats, however, is that they are Android-friendly as well.

These earbuds also support Google’s Fast Pair, Audio Switch for switching between your phone, Chromebook, and compatible devices, and Google’s Find My Device feature for keeping track of them online. Now that Google is supercharging Find My Device for it to work just like Apple’s Find My, and with them also being compatible with Find My itself, these might just be the most easily findable earbuds out there. The charging case has a USB Type-C port, which might actually be more convenient for people using Android phones than iPhones.

You can now buy these earbuds from Apple’s online store. They will set you back $169, and they will ship starting tomorrow.

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