Photomator is a popular tool for photographers, allowing you to do simple, yet powerful edits to your photos. The app was previously exclusive to iPhone and iPad, but now, you can check it out on your Mac as well.

Photomator is officially coming to your Mac, as the Pixelmator Team has released a desktop version of the popular photo editing app. The interface is pretty similar to what you can already find on iOS and iPadOS, and it can integrate with your Photos app and sync all edits you make with your Library.


The app supports up to 600 file formats, including Apple ProRAW, and it allows for everything from smaller edits such as camera noise removal and contrast/color tweaks all the way up to AI/ML-fueled edits such as increasing resolution or repairing/cloning objects in photos. It’s a really versatile tool that a photographer can take advantage of to really level up their imaging game, and if you also happen to use Pixelmator Pro, Photomator also integrates with it, letting you quickly switch from one to the other if you’re ever in need of doing heavier edits.

Make sure to download it on your Mac if you want to give it a spin. You can get it for $4.99 monthly, or $29.99 yearly. In addition, you can also buy a one-time lifetime license for $99.99 if you see yourself using it in the long term.

Source: MacRumors

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