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You’ve probably seen websites or applications that hide blocks of content in collapsible sections, which can make the overall structure more readable at a glance. Google is now bringing that feature to Docs.

Google announced today that collapsible headers are coming to Google Docs, which allow you to individually hide or show sections of your document that are under a header. You can toggle the current state with arrows on the left side of the header — if you’ve ever used the mobile Wikipedia site, or the tree view in Finder on a Mac, this should be easy to figure out.

The announcement explains, “This highly requested feature helps you create and consume more digestible content in Docs. Editors of a document will have the ability to set the default state of headers to expanded or collapsed for all users. Users with view and comment access are able to expand and collapse content when they have the document open, and when they close the document their expand/collapse changes will not be saved.”


Google Docs already has an outline view to quickly skim through large documents. Still, the new section feature can come in handy, especially if you are creating a document where showing everything could be too distracting.

The new collapsible headers are rolling out starting today, and may take up to 15 days to appear on all accounts. Everyone with a Google account will eventually have access — not just paid Google Workspace accounts.

Source: Google Workspace Updates

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