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T-Mobile has successfully drawn in many customers with its constant promotional bundles, some of which are brand new, while others have been running for some time. Now, T-Mobile has just renewed one of its longest-running promos — and you’ll really like them if you’re a sports fan.

T-Mobile has announced that it’s bringing back its partnership with the MLB for another year. T-Mobile customers have had access to MLB.tv for just over 7 years, with the partnership starting in 2016. Now, though, it’s back for yet another year. You will be able to grab a season-long subscription to MLB.tv (which is on its own a $140 value) through the carrier’s T-Mobile Tuesdays rewards program.

If you’re more of a soccer person, there’s good news for you, too. If you want to watch your favorite teams in the MLS, T-Mobile also offers a free MLS Season Pass, which will let you check out all live MLS games and playoffs, as well as the Leagues Cup. If you’re fonder of European soccer and elite players, a free subscription to ViX Premium will give you access to games from international competitions such as the UEFA Champions League.

Not fond of any of those sports? T-Mobile will also give you $200 that you can spend on any sports streaming service you want, regardless of how ridiculous it is. So if you like anything, T-Mobile will give it to you for free. Be sure to check the fine print at the source link below, though.

Source: T-Mobile

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