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Notepad++ might be one of the best free text editors around, at least if you’re on a Windows PC. Following updates earlier this year focused on support for Windows 11 and large files, another upgrade for Notepad++ has arrived.

Notepad++ version 8.5.3 was just released today, and like most updates to the popular editor, it primarily focuses on bug fixes. There are several fixes for the “Edit with Notepad++” context menu entry in File Explorer, and many improvements to interface elements. For example, before now, the font dropdown menu in the print screen was so narrow that it cut off fonts with larger names. That issue, and several other bugs, have now been addressed.

Notepad++ 8.5.3 also adds UTF8 character support to the Run & Macro menu, and fixes some issue with searching in large files and custom languages. This definitely isn’t the most exciting release ever, but if Notepad++ is your text editor of choice, you’ll want to try out these improvements when you get the chance.

You can download Notepad++ from the official site. It’s available for 64-bit x86, 32-bit x86, and ARM64 Windows, in both installer and portable formats.

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