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Microsoft’s New Prototype Tablet Has Keys on the Back

Microsoft Research has a new tablet prototype that puts the keys on the back of the device, so when you’re holding it with two hands you can be typing on the back side.

It’s one of those interesting prototypes that will probably never amount to anything—but who really knows for sure. At least they are thinking up new stuff.

Microsoft’s RearType: Physical keys to the iPad, Kindle and tablet kingdoms? [ZDNet]

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  • Published 08/10/10

Comments (2)

  1. Flash

    Looks like that would be hard to get used to.

  2. Monicoj

    For me it looks like one of the “2001 A Space Odyssey” scenography elements ;-)
    Seriously I would love to see some innovative projects from Microsoft, something that haven’t been seen before. So far Microsoft is only rearranging the old ideas. Leave the tablet alone, make something brand new!

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