ASUS ROG Ally Handheld Gaming PC

From none other than ASUS, we now have a strong contender to the Steam Deck: the ROG Ally. This powerful handheld made headlines a few times last month, but if you were wondering when you could get to buy it, you’re in luck — you can now place an order for yours.

The ASUS ROG Ally is now officially available for pre-order at Best Buy. The model with the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme chipset is listed with a release date of June 13th, and can be obtained for $699, or roughly $300 more than what the Steam Deck costs. Given how it’s way more powerful, though, it might be worth the money. A lower-end version of the handheld carrying the regular, non-Extreme Ryzen Z1 is also listed for $599, although that one says it’s “coming soon.”

ASUS ROG Ally With AMD Z1 Extreme Processor

The ASUS ROG Ally is perhaps the most powerful gaming handheld as we write this, powered by the Zen 4-based Ryzen Z1 Extreme, RDNA 3 graphics, and up to 16 GB of RAM.

Both flavors of the device come with 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM, in addition to coming with a 7-inch 1080p 120Hz display and three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. So really, the only thing telling apart both handhelds is the fact that one has the 6-core Ryzen Z1, while the other has the 8-core Ryzen Z1 Extreme.

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