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This Customized Windows 7 Desktop Has Impressive Taskbar Icons

We’ve always been fans of great desktop customization setups, and this one is really simple but looks great—especially the customized Windows 7 taskbar icons.

Here’s what the desktop was put together with:

We’re thinking of starting our own “Featured Desktop” series over on How-To Geek, similar to the Lifehacker one. What do you think? Should we cover it? What should we do differently?

Agosto10 Desktop [Flickr]

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  • Published 08/9/10

Comments (23)

  1. Donotalo

    Definitely. I love to customize Windows.

  2. Linda Randall

    Not sure what I’m doing but I have windows 7 Vista and I am going to click your start button. Wish me luck.

  3. Kamal Gurung

    So where can I download this theme or do we have to do everything ourselves ?

  4. Frank

    I, for one, love the desktop articles over @Lifehacker so I vote Yay…

  5. Lindsey

    Omg, that is sick.

  6. viking

    I think that would an awesome idea. There are a lot of sites out there that deal with this, but they aren’t very organized so I would say go for it but make sure things are organized and easy to follow for new visitors to the site!

  7. at0mic

    i’ve had the chameleon glass sidebar for a while. i like the themed look. those icons look cool, i’ll have to get those

  8. Bounded1

    Are you really want to share this, or just want to boast?
    will you give the details how you customize it?

  9. The Geek


    I think you might be confused… we’re showing off a reader’s desktop here. There isn’t a download for it, though we’re planning on starting a series where we do explain how to do these types of customizations.

  10. Edgard

    si es lo mejor que se les ha ocurido

  11. rick

    so i was able to get the icons and glass widgets but can some one link to the program that lets you change the windows “start” button!! thanks

  12. BigGunn

    my problem with the featured desktops has always been rainmeter. I can never get it to work properly and installing all the customizations for the desktops is a nightmare.

  13. Win

    Please do it quick.

  14. blackspidey

    cool… go for it!

  15. Flash

    Defiantly, this would be an awesome series, and that was a cool desktop.

  16. Bounded1

    yes, please include the “how to do it” … like the other thread here in geek that you actually show the steps how to customize/tweak it.. :)

  17. Bounded1

    tsk.. tsk.. I already know how to do it..

    C:Users\AppDataRoamingMicrosoftInternet ExplorerQuick LaunchUser PinnedTaskBar
    just modify the icon there..

    geeks next time, please include the guide..

  18. sunshinekhan

    if you really wanna deal with customization i’d suggest deal with the finer aspects…i’ll give two examples to justify:

    1. a few days ago i read a post about turning your windows7 to mac from a decent blog … but the saddest part is that the author could not even say if it’d run on windows7 starter… there’s practically nothing about system requirements in his post nor at the source :P

    2. another post boasted that how you could transform windows7 starter on 10.5′ netbooks using “free” stardocks mycolors (this version of mycolors was actually released preloaded on particular hp netbooks but was supposed to work elsewhere) … now the last time i took mycolors for a ride it checked for a minimum resolution of 1024×768 amongst other system requirements and the installation worked like a charm, but this time both the hp and stardocks updated installers did not and the worst part is that both messed up a decent xp home sp3 installation on a netbook and so on

    hope you get the drift geek and let only the good stuff roll ;)

  19. Paultx

    It’s nice to change Windows looks once in a while, so yes, do it!

  20. karmat

    I say yes, go for it!

  21. rick

    hha.. yes i love this. but i hope a proper link is provided for the custo start button!

  22. 3 Laws of Robotics

    This took a lot of work, but I finally got it done. I’m impressed. Now I’m actually thinking about tackling the beast called Rainmeter.

  23. rick

    yea i finaly got toolbar all gray like that. Rainmeter is fun to mess with! and hard to find the right combinations you like lol..

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