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CCleaner Enhancer Adds 270 New Rules to CCleaner

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We’ve long been fans of system cleaning application CCleaner, even if you do have to uncheck the Yahoo toolbar during the installation process. And now, there’s a way to add 270 more applications to the supported list.

CCleaner Enhancer works with either the installed version or the portable version, and all it really does is modify an INI file to allow extra rules. Once you’ve specified the right folder and finished running the installer, you’ll be prompted to open CCleaner and there will be new rules on the Applications tab.

Update: Here’s a link to a mirror copy of the application, since the download site has died.

Update 2: The mirror copy won’t work either, since the site is down. What you’ll need to do is download this INI file from my test machine and put it into your CCleaner installation folder. Once you’ve restarted CCleaner, you’ll see the new items in the Applications tab.

CCleaner Enhancer [The Web Atom via Download Squad]

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  • Published 08/6/10

Comments (26)

  1. Chris

    This is very kewl.

  2. Richard

    Did you know you can download a ‘slim’ version on CCleaner that installs without the toolbar?

    Look near the bottom.

  3. KBPrez

    I agree with Chris. THANKS Geeks!

  4. sbfreak

    Windows 7×64,just installed CCleaner.
    Downloaded the .exe,ran it as an admin.Nothing.
    Switched nod32 smart security to interactive filtering mode,started the .exe,allowed all.Nothing.
    Now webatom is down.
    Can’t they simply provide that .ini file?

  5. tmercswims

    Now we have crashed the download site…..

  6. GabrielLuis

    Was this for a limited time only? Webatom’s down. Would anyone know any other source? :)

  7. g

    not working in wins 7?

  8. netbox

    here’s the download link for the slim version (no toolbar etc)

  9. rgkjr1

    1) Tried mirror just in case it’s back up. Still down.

    2) Downloaded ini and placed in program directory (saved old as winapp2.old). Restarted CC – nothing new on apps tabs. Did I miss something???

  10. jericjed

    It does work on win 7 x64

  11. Aethec

    MrG, Piriform’s owner, said that it’s an “illegal repackaging” :

  12. ronniesonora

    how do you install the ini file in cclean?

  13. sbfreak

    Thank you How-To-Geek for the ini file.Works great now.

  14. ronniesonora

    How do you install the ini file in Cclean

  15. jfjb

    got the zip and exe from different places, version 1.2 and 1.3.

    It loads in memory (23,900K… HUGE!!!) and shows itself onscreen but doesn’t do anything when clicking the “Download Latest” button, its progress bar is a see-through window (no background, that is).

    Verdict, a dead memory gobbler.

  16. Glitches

    Be very careful if you use Windows Live Messenger, as this program will delete your logs by default!

  17. etalmar

    Mirror copy link seems to be working again, as I just downloaded the 145 KB zip file from here ..

    Thanks for providing this enhancer for us. It will make an excellent program that much better.

  18. etalmar

    Sorry .. false alarm. although the zip file downloaded, when I tried to install the updates, I received a “Custom rules not present” error message.

  19. kness2

    Confused here- your instructions are not very precise. Where is the installation folder? I have CCleaner already installed. I put the ini file in C:Program FilesCCleaner and nothing happened.

  20. etalmar

    To knees2 .. I agree .. the instructions presented here were vague.

    Download the INI file, save it in notepad or any text editor and most importantly, make sure that you save the file with the “winapp2.ini” extension (minus quotes).

    After you do that, open CCleaner folder. In Windows 7, It should be – C:Program Files (x86)CCleaner.

    Paste the winapp2.ini file in the CCleaner folder. Close the folder. Launch CCleaner and you should now see the new programs under the Applications tab, which begin with an asterisk, to show which ones are separate from the program names that were already part of CCleaner.

  21. jfjb

    Correction to my previous post: apart from showing its broken window, this cCleaner Enhancer updates the “winapp2.ini” file (installed from the above “Update 2”) with zero bytes, therefore whipping and wiping its contents to null. I guess it’s a good way to cClean itself.

  22. etalmar

    jfjb, does..but you can simply copy & paste the winapp2.ini file contents that is available for download here into the empty winapp2 text file and it works fine.

    Just download this file and save it as winapp2.ini and replace the one in the CCleaner folder ..

  23. ccleanerluver

    remember u must start ccleaner enhencer on win7/vista * run as administrator*..latest 1.4

  24. Steven Torrey

    OK, WHY IS CCCLEANER SITE DOWN? Seems to me that question and answer ought to be located in your article post. Innocuous reason such as too many people attempting to download or more sinister concerns, ineffective program? Sould be an answer up front. After all, your asking me to trust something on my computer that I know nothing about. Answers pleasse! Steven

  25. Sujoy Sarker

    Customize it’s settings before use.Then it’s OK.

  26. Sujoy Sarker

    I write the main topics.So it’s may be little but important for the fast user.

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