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You may be inundated with passwords now, but the future is looking far less reliant on them. As digital security advances, we’ll start seeing a shift from convoluted combinations of letters and numbers to cryptographic passkeys. But even these passkeys need a space to be stored, and current password managers like Keeper Security, now available for 50% off, may be the solution.

The implementation of passkeys (and the inevitable shift away from passwords) is an effort backed by companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and eBay. Starting with Android 14, the ecosystem will utilize a new version of Credential Manager that exclusively uses passkeys. Though we’ll no longer have to remember our passwords, passkey support between devices and operating systems is still a little messy. To ensure users always have access to their passkeys, regardless of the hardware and software they use day to day, password manager Keeper Security is offering a solution that simplifies passkey support across the board.

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Keeper Security has added a service that opens up passkey access across devices, so long as you’re signed in to the associated Keeper account. And since passkeys aren’t universally compatible and there are many websites and apps still reliant on old-school passwords, Keeper Security serves dual purposes to maximize your security. While passwords remain prevalent for now, the versatile service will offer storage for both passwords and passkeys on one account, simplifying security as much as possible. But as passkeys overtake conventional passwords, the password manager can shift focus and primarily offer passkey support to guarantee security, simplicity, and interoperability between all your devices in the future.

Combine your passwords and passkeys in one location with 50% of Keeper Security. With Keeper, you won’t have to worry about remembering your list of passwords, and you’ll be able to quickly switch exclusively to passkeys as they slowly roll out across applications and websites.

Keeper Security

Protect your passwords and simplify your passkeys with Keeper Security password manager.

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