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Microsoft Money Plus is Now Available for Free

Last year, Microsoft stopped making new versions of Microsoft Money, their personal money management software package—and now they’ve made it available for everybody for free… well, sorta.

The new “Sunset” versions were created so that existing customers could continue to install MS Money without requiring activation, but that also means anybody can download and install it.

From their page:

The Microsoft Money Plus Sunset versions are replacements for expired versions of Microsoft Money Essentials, Deluxe, Premium, and Home and Business. They allow existing customers to use MoneyPlus to continue accessing their data. Changes to the new versions include file conversions from older versions of Money, no required activation, no online services and no assisted support. Microsoft Money Plus Sunset is available now.

Microsoft Money Plus Sunset [ via Get Rich Slowly]

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  • Published 08/6/10

Comments (22)

  1. Tiaan

    This is great. MS Money is an absolute pleasure to work with (tried Quicken, but since SA banks do not have the file formats supported by Quicken (a money making scheme if there has ever been one), and thus quite useless or extremely laborious).

  2. Jim

    I always liked MS Money, was very sad when they stopped making it. I don’t understand why.

  3. Matthew

    I might try it out, but I’ll probably stick with Gnucash

  4. Prashant

    Is there anything similar to MS money for MAC??

  5. Andy

    I was using GnuCash until I saw this and gave it a try, I find it’s just as in depth and the interface makes it easier to use, I’m sticking with it so far.

  6. JAMES

    As a person who used to sell all 3 including peach tree, I have to say that I understand why Microsoft stopped selling Money. Quicken has been a dominant force in the Personal Finance software Market for a long time and while Money was a great program, it appeared that the only people that where buying it, where people that had gotten it as part of there computer package or people that where forced to bye there banking institution, and I do mean forced. Quicken is plain easy, simple to use and understand and most customers saw Microsoft money as just a copy cat, not as distinctively innovative. That is a problem for a software that wants to make a mark and hold a solid position and be a contender. While I liked money, I have to say I’m a quicken person, but I myself wish money had stayed in. As a result the only innovation push is from the financial system to increase a better software and that isn’t where it should be coming from.

  7. Jim

    US only, UK users left out in the cold again (we never got updated when you yanks did!). Its a good job Quicken is stlil working for me, but really sad that there is still no route for upgrade, and all stock transactions are now manual.

  8. Earl

    I was a user of Money for several years but the last version I upgraded to was 2004. I found out about this when the online updating of my investment accounts stopped working. I decided to switch to Quicken but to keep Money for accessing my years of archived transactions instead of converting them all. I downloaded this “sunset” version to convert my current transactions to the latest version so I could import them into Quicken and to use with my archive files. Everything appears to be working fine. I find Quicken to be very different from Money – more than I would have thought since they perform basically the same functions. I find Quicken much harder to use and less intuitive than Money. Maybe it’s just a matter of getting use to the differences, but I certainly preferred Money.

  9. JonMCC33

    Thanks! I’ll give this a try!

  10. RandyN

    Sounds great until I saw “no online services”. I’ll stick with my existing copy of Money until the end of the year, when online services cease to function.

  11. Dave

    I really liked MS Money, since it was very clean looking and easy to use. I’m currently using Quicken (the only real alternative) and it’s way overkill for my needs.

    Unfortunately, I want the online download feature which MS is going to terminate in Jan 2011 for MS Money. I could do the download-qif-and-import dance, but I want a simple one-click method.

  12. John Bennett

    I tried to download both versions and both reported that they were corrupted files and would not install. That is my experience with Microsoft–total crap.

  13. Ryan

    I personally preferred MS Money. I used the Pro version, and have since purchased Quicken which is actually limiting in its features. MS Money had some features, which Quicken does not offer, which are honestly very simple components. Items such as “merge/match” transactions and simple budgeting tools are to name a few. MS Money had a fantastic layout and design, while Quicken is not nearly as intuitive. I wished Money would have stuck around, but since it has not, I guess I am stuck with Quicken until someone decides to compete for the personal finance market.

  14. Lloyd Anthony

    There are actually quite a few online finance management softwares available in the cloud… while i wont mention any of them, i think there are quite a few that are equally user friendly and are even as powerful and flexible as quicken/money.. imagine being able to login securely and interface with the banks/credit cards or any financial institutions for any information necessary or even initiate/schedule fund transfer or payments…

  15. Brett

    This info is great. I was trying to install my money program on my new laptop and it was giving me fits, and of course there was no help at all in getting it going. I did not know that the product was discontinued so I alooking forward to trying the sunset version.

  16. manuel.luis.goncalves

    Tenho utilizado o MS Money para controlo das minhas receitas e despesas domésticas e gosto do que tenho conseguido. Dado que acontece a descontinuação deste produto, é essa a razão de optar por daquiri-lo.

  17. Ronald

    Thanks guys this SUPA

  18. Anita Roy

    I’ve been using MSMoney 2004 for a long time on my laptop. When I travel, which is often, I do ALL my work on GoogleDocs…. spreadsheets, to do lists, agreements, etc. I use gmail calendars for a whole bunch of things. The only thing that is missing in Google cloud products is an online version of MSMoney.

    I don’t mind porting to a different software as long as I can import my MSMoney backups. I would like it to be online, in the cloud, so I can log in from any hardware and do all my household financial balancing and bill paying and be computer less as I travel. Any ideas? And, I am in Canada, so it has to be software compatible with Canadian banks and credit cards and bill payees.

  19. Roy

    I am trying to Download M.S Money 4 onto my vista laptop but it just wont have it,any ideas? Please

  20. Cuz

    I’m sorry that Microsoft Money is over. I used Quicken for many years and once I tried Microsoft Money, I was hooked. Love the program and it’s format. I wish someone would buy the rights to the Money program from Microsoft and bring it back under another name with some upgrades. I bought Quicken Premier 2010 recently and probably will go back to using it with some reservation. Great program from Microsoft, it will surely be missed by this user.

  21. Mal

    I have been using Money for years without any problems. I saw the info regarding the Sunset Version and decided to download it…..big mistake !! . The “new” version will not convert my original Money files….has anyone else experienced this problem?. I will probably revert to my old version and start looking at other alternatives.

  22. Jimmy

    If you can’t import your MS Money files into the Sunset Edition then read this:
    Might help other foreigners like me!

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