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Google Wave Dies a Deadly Death

Why repeat a bunch of words? Click the link.

Read it: Official Google Blog: Update on Google Wave

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  • Published 08/4/10

Comments (11)

  1. Flash

    I expected this, No one used it, or at least no one that I know.

  2. vtzete0

    Wow! Triple D from the Geek…LOL Put a fork in it!

  3. madhukarah

    unexpected !!!

  4. Andrew Sittermann

    It’s a real shame. The real-time multi-user apps supported by wave have a great future. We have a Google Wave travel-planner called “Travel WithMe”,
    and people love the real-time experience.

    Sensing that wave might not be going places, we’ve put it on facebook now as well, but still with Google Wave’s realtime features. It’s at

  5. Rebs

    It was crap that’s why its dead

  6. rzlmlchm09

    Another reason why I don’t trust the cloud. One minute the app’s there, the next minute it’s gone.

  7. Lucas

    Old fashion email lives to fight another day!

  8. Abhishek

    People failed to understand the true meaning and use of Wave. It would have been a killer!

  9. Roi

    Google Wave helped me tremendously with a school project where instead of my group meeting somewhere, we worked on the same document at any time we want (or at the same time :D)

    I will definitely miss it.

  10. Nike

    I can’t agree more with Abhishek. And anonther reason why nobody really used it because google brought no attention to it. They could have put it on the google search frontpage, were they usually present new projects for users. I’m kind of dissapointed tbh, i really expected this to be a win! And just as Roi i also had great advantage of Wave on a schoolproject. I’m really gonna miss Wave, and i hope they come up with something similar in the future. Maybe there already are similar websites out there? I don’t know, but i would appreciate if someone told me in that case.

  11. Dan

    Google wave needed a client. I was forever loosing it in all my other tabs. It needed a way to stand out

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