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This Commodore 64 Emulator is Written in Javascript

You’re reading that title correctly—this is an emulator implemented in Javascript, and other than killing your CPU a bit when you use it, it actually seems to work.

There’s a couple of included ROMS that you can play, including Galaga, hellgate, and galagacolor… though the last one hung my browser up a bit. You probably won’t want to open this link in Internet Explorer, since the Javascript engine won’t be powerful enough to handle it.

JavaScript Commodore Emulator [via]

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  • Published 07/30/10

Comments (3)

  1. Lou Borok

    In the long-ago past I was a Vic-20, Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 user (and sometimes I wish I still was). I don’t understand what the JavaScrpt Commodore Emulator is all about.

    Oh…and my first IBM-type PC was a Commodore XT.


  2. WalterT

    What I remember most about the Commodore 64 was the simplicity of the grafics and the layers, 8 I think were called sprites, that you could give the illusion of depth and ease of programing. I wrote a GUI so my daughters could use it without knowing about the system. It was way ahead of other computers of it time. Although Iwas using a TRS-80 for payroll, estimates and inventory that I wrote in BASIC. Oh yah, the VIC and one other that only had a miniture keyboard you plug into you TV game adapter. Frustrating, but fun.

  3. UUUnicorn

    Surprisingly, my family had a Commodore 64K computer way back in the Eighties. It was hooked up to the television set.

    We really couldn’t figure out how the thing worked–however, we could play video games on it. Pac Man and Donkey Kong are the two which I best remember. The GUI for Pac Man was great–comparable to the ones for the Atari 5200 Super System (which was WAY better than the one for the Atari 2600) and for the large game machines in the arcade in the shopping mall near where I lived.

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