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TikTok is the biggest social media phenomenon in the 2020s so far, and everyone is seeking to imitate its winning formula. The latest to do so is Amazon, out of all websites.

After testing it with a limited amount of users, Amazon is now rolling out its TikTok-like feed, dubbed “Inspire,” to all users within the United States. Rather than being the main way to look through Amazon, it’s meant to be a way to discover new products. People can look at short videos and pictures and engage with them, and through them, discover new products. If you find anything you like, you can check it out, and add it to your cart, right through the feed.


These videos can be uploaded by influencers that are enrolled in Amazon’s Influencer Program. They will recommend products and, if their videos earn a seller any sales, they’ll also get an affiliate commission. The feature is just for pushing products and doesn’t seek to make Amazon a social media platform, but it has a lot of potential if Amazon is successful in getting people to use it.

Inspire is not accessible from the desktop version of Amazon, but if you’re in the United States, you can check it out on the iPhone and Android versions of the Amazon app.

Source: TechCrunch

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