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The iPhone and other Apple products still use Lightning ports for charging and data transfer, but you can use them with USB Type-C chargers (and possibly boost your charging speed) with the right cable. Anker’s cable for the job is now on sale for just $9.

Anker has discounted its USB-C-to-Lightning cable to just $9 on Amazon, a 31% reduction from the usual asking price of $13. It allows you to connect iPhones, AirPods, older iPads (before they switched to USB-C), Magic Trackpads, and select other Apple devices to USB-C chargers and host devices. For example, the cable can allow you to charge your AirPods from a USB-C portable charger, or connect your iPhone to a laptop with USB Type-C ports without the need for extra adapters.

Anker USB C to Lightning Cable

This 6-foot USB Type-C-to-Lightning cable gives more convenient and faster charging to iPhones, iPads, and other devices stuck with Apple's outdated connector.

Besides the convenience factor, USB Type-C cables can charge modern iPhones more quickly than older USB Type-A cords, thanks to the magic of USB Power Delivery. For example, the iPhone 14 series can charge at 20W with a USB Type-C-to-Lightning cable, if you have one of the best phone chargers that can deliver at least 20W.

Anker’s cable is an excellent option if you have some older USB Type-A Lightning cables that are wearing out, or if you want to charge your iPhone with a charger or battery that only has USB-C connections. Hopefully, future iPhone models will have USB-C ports as rumored, but this cable can be useful in the meantime.

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