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Crack Wi-Fi Passwords in the Cloud in Mere Minutes

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Cracking wireless keys with a brute force attack can take forever on a regular desktop PC, requiring days or weeks to run through millions of combinations. With cloud computing, that time becomes minutes.

The WPA Cracker site is meant for security research, and if you send them a dump of your captured wireless network traffic, they can analyze it with up to hundreds of millions of passwords in mere minutes.

The service isn’t free, but it’s definitely very interesting, and goes to show that you should really use a long string for your wireless password.

WPA Cracker [via BoingBoing]

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  • Published 07/29/10

Comments (10)

  1. Tom

    Isn’t such tools illegal? D:

  2. jasray

    I rather doubt I have much interest in cracking wireless keys for 20 euros, and I honestly doubt anyone would want to take the time/money to crack mine; however, IT may make note of process. I don’t know.

    I guess it takes a certain level of Consciousness to want to invade others’ privacy–such an arrogant sense of false pride. Maybe it starts in childhood: “Hey, mommy; look at me.”

    Difficult to comprehend–like suicide bombings, can do it, but why?

  3. TheUnspoken

    @jasray: You do realize there are places were Wifi isn’t completely free, someone could pay the $20 and simply crack the WPA and be on their Wifi. It doesn’t have to do with just invading privacy. While it will probably attract the more deviant kind of folks, there are positive reasons to do such a thing. I on the other hand enjoy security and enjoy the idea of pen testing someone’s network. /shrug

  4. ProstheticHead

    @jasray, on the contrary, security testing/cracking of wireless keys is big business in the corporate world. If you don’t hire someone to pressure test your encryption keys, a competitor will. It won’t be long before that top secret project you’ve invested in becomes someone else’s intellectual property.
    Mega bucks to be had if people aren’t smart enough to protect their investments.

  5. bobro

    I think this will be more of a tool for Ethical Hackers, as ProstheticHead mentioned its big buisness!

    with all this PCI DSS legislation (any company taking credit card orders needs to be inline with this) some of these companies (like mine) will need penetration testing, where they hack our websites and tell us how easy it was and what to fix… its like the police hiring the best pick pocket to help show them what to look out for so they can catch other pick pockets (this happens, saw a vid of this guy last night steal a guys tie from around his neck without him noticing!)…

  6. TheUnspoken

    I realized what this was truly for after going to the link. Either way it is not just for the negative uses, even though someone would abuse it I am sure.

  7. jasray

    Hmmm . . . what are we going to do with MAC address filtering and Active Directory? I have the password, but I can’t connect. Drats. Symantec Intrusion Detection–OMG. Now I’m really screwed, and I wasted all those euros.

  8. onlinsane

    Seriously … jasray ..mac address filtering can be hacked. To find holes in your security is a major issue if you have something to protect ( ie if you shop online, run a business, live in the modern age where 90% of americans alone have some sort of pc with internet and most of them have some sort of picture and family info on their pc ) then any info on a possible hole in your firewall is worth a small fee of 20 euros. Especially when there are billions being spent on the corporate side of security issues.

  9. banky

    I’m with onlinsane on this one. 20 Euros for wifi passwords? Millions of different combinations in minutes? 20 Euros. That’s a deal. there’s an ISP (here in Nigeria) that uses Wifi for login and subscription costs about 75euros a month. Imagine if I were bothered enough to try to obtain a key…

    That’s the risk.

  10. Ken Z.

    I use a wireless router with my comcast internet server.How can I protect my personal(and business) info from the bad guys?
    Or is the internet finally,truly and really over as Prince has said…
    Ken Z.

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