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Valve is testing a significant update to Steam right now that improves the in-game overlay, but that’s not the only upgrade to get excited about. There’s another change rolling out that can help you find the right page on the Steam store.

Valve announced in a community post, “We’ve just rolled out an update to the Steam store search to make it easier to explore more of the games available on Steam and find what you’re looking for. We noticed more players searching for particular store hubs, tags, or developers so we’ve updated Steam to handle those destinations.”

When you type in the main search on the Steam store, you’ll now see results for developers, publishers, tags, and franchises if there are close matches. You can see this in action by typing “simulator,” which displays results for games like Flight Simulator and Farming Simulator, as well as tags for simulator games and a link to the Farming Simulator game series as a whole. You can also search “warner” to see a link to the page for WB Games, or “sony” to get a link to the PlayStation Studios page.

Searching for simulators on Steam

Valve says the new search functionality should also handle misspelled words more reliably, and all the improvements are available on the mobile Steam app and sites too. With the upgraded search in place, you should be able to find what you’re looking for without jumping to dedicated search engines.

Source: Valve
Via: Engadget

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