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This Windows Future Phone Concept is Unrealistically Fun

This concept is clearly not meant to be realistic, but it looks really cool… the interface seems like it would be useful even on a regular phone these days.

You might argue that nobody knows what technology of the future will be like… but doesn’t it seem more likely that we’ll have phones embedded in our brains years in the future?

Step Into The Future With The Windows Future Phone [Walyou]

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  • Published 07/29/10

Comments (15)

  1. TJFadness

    The problem with the device pictured is that it has no circuitry… it’s all just a transparent screen. So it’s impossible, unless we can make circuitry invisible.

  2. The Geek

    Of course.. it looks cool though!

  3. matthewguay

    Clear chips and boards FTW :) Seriously, that is one awesome looking concept … someone ought to put it in a movie anyhow

  4. Anonymous

    Pretty sure Tony Stark had a clear device like this :)

  5. jimmmmmmmy


  6. bobro

    Wait dont they have circitry that clear, im sure i was reading something like this, i know they have screens that can be see through and display things and are able to roll up even when using them.

    what the pic doesnt show you is if you hold the phone in your right hand you lose signal!!

  7. Compositologist

    Actually, you don’t NEED to make the internals transparent.

    There is research in the .gov and .mil on having a fiber optic matrix on the outside of an object (a soldier, a tank, a ship, etc) and then you emit the image from one side of an object out on the other side of the object.

    Then, TADA: Invisibility!

    Think the movie “Predator”

    All you would need is a fiber optic matrix on the back of the phone emitting the image it sees to the front of the phone. And, you could also disable the function, so you could see the battery compartment/earbud port/flash card slot/etc.

    Most definitely NOT outside the realm of reality, and I would predict it in less than 20 years.

    Now, having it do it virtually onto your retina, so that you don’t actually have to carry a phone, that is a little further out there.

  8. DaveR

    To see the circuitry you would have to have super vision – it’s obviuosly solar/UV powered nanotech with 1TB on board storage. Wifi XX (T1 speed) to your emdeded earbud or external data – no need for hardware based connections.

    The contact version will be released 18 months after this one is. Then there is the 3D model with contacts on both eyes. The big leap to make the contact version a reality will be the ability to draw it’s power from the human body.

  9. Sooraj Mavelikkara

    Is This Possible???????

  10. Chris

    Come on guys, what is with the news that is older than the internet?

    This is from last year??? While we are here, why not get some articles going on the fantastic new features of Office XP?

  11. The Geek


    This is meant to be an ETC section, random stuff that we find. You are welcome to find better links and send them in anytime to

    But I’m guessing you won’t.

  12. Computergy

    Super fuckin awesome scam :)
    where the fuck is the device chips ?lol

  13. ProstheticHead

    Umm, can you still get a signal holding it like that? :-P

  14. redge dimaano

    Its just like the concept of LG Crystal. It is transparent, though it works!

  15. cody

    Hmmm, seems like a knock off of the nokia morph…a concept that has been around for multiple years already.

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