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IE9 Has Impressive HTML5 Canvas Text Rendering

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Over at one of the many MSDN developer blogs, they’ve posted a comparison of all the major browsers when rendering a complicated image with vectors and drawing text to the canvas directly.

The IE9 image looks quite a bit better than the rest, though it’ll only be a short while before everybody catches up, and since the other browsers tend to release new versions more often than Microsoft does, you’ll end up with excellent rendering in Chrome before IE anyway. Either way, nice to see that competition in the browser market is sparking progress.

IE9’s Stunning Text Rendering Quality [Mike Swanson’s Blog – MSDN Blogs]

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  • Published 07/28/10

Comments (1)

  1. bf

    As I mentioned on msdn blog comments, Microsoft is comparing apple to oranges. They should be comparing IE9 preview to fully enabled Firefox 4.0 beta2 and Chrome 6.0 dev channel. These are browsers that are going to be competing with IE9 when it eventually comes to the marker.

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