8Bitdo sells some of the best gaming controllers around, with options targeted at portability, D-Pad play, Apple devices, and other use cases. Now there’s a new entry-level version of the company’s Ultimate controller.

The 8Bitdo Ultimate C has been released by 8Bitdo. It’s a simplified version of the fan-favorite Ultimate controller, which is great if you don’t need all those bells and whistles and you just want something that does the job and does it well. It has the same build quality as its more expensive sibling, and only gets rid of a few features, while still keeping the essentials. 8Bitdo says it’s compatible with Windows PCs, Android devices, SteamOS, and most Raspberry Pi operating systems.


As for what’s gone, you don’t get a charging dock or a switch for profiles, and the controller also doesn’t support 8Bitdo’s Ultimate Software for customizations. But it’s still pretty decent. It has all the buttons you need, and it has a dongle for connecting it through 2.4GHz. It supports 25 hours of playtime on a single charge, tops up in two hours, and even has asymmetrical vibration.

8Bitdo Ultimate C Wireless Controller

This 8bitDo Ultimate C Controller is a cheaper version of the company's excellent Ultimate controller. For what it's worth, though, it's just as amazing.

You can pick up the 8Bitdo Ultimate C Wireless Controller for $30. There are even two color options: Lilac Purple and Field Green.

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