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Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 Puts Tabs on Top Like Google Chrome (or Opera)

The latest Firefox beta steals a feature from Google Chrome, and moves the tabs up to the top of the window… though if you look closely, it actually looks an awful lot like Opera as well.

As far as we’re concerned, it’s a great thing that Firefox is finally making some bigger changes, like App Tabs or crash protection against buggy plugins. If you’ve been paying attention to Firefox news, you’ll probably note that the tabs on top was introduced in the previous beta, but is now turned on by default for both Windows and Mac users.

What’s New in Firefox 4 Beta 2 (Release Notes)

Download Firefox 4 Beta 2

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  • Published 07/27/10

Comments (7)

  1. BobbyPhoenix

    Since updating to Beta 2 my extension don’t work now. I was using the about:config, set to false thing to make them work with Beta 1, but now that doesn’t work. Any suggestions? Extensions that worked in Beta 1, but not Beta 2, that I really use all the time are Xmarks and Speed dial.

  2. bf

    Because Firefox team changed the way extensions load in Beta 2, every extension developer needs to rewrite their extension to make it compatible with Beta 2 and further. There have been plenty of warnings on Firefox related websites.

  3. Tom

    What the hell? They made FireFox ugly now D:

  4. Jordan

    I like the new FF, the only downside I think is that the tabs are too close the the top. There needs to be at least 10px between the two.

  5. dba

    For those that might be interested there is an Xmarks update for Firefox 4 here:

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