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ChatGPT really took the world by storm, and now seemingly everyone is rushing to add generative AI features. The latest service to go AI is none other than Plex — more specifically, its music player, Plexamp.

Plexamp is officially adding Sonic Sage, a feature powered by ChatGPT that will generate unique music playlists tailored to users. The feature leverages your library and your Tidal subscription to  look for things you might like, then proceeds to get ChatGPT to put together a playlist that closely matches what you asked for. Because yes, of course, just like regular ChatGPT, this works with prompts. You can ask it to put together a playlist of ballads, pop hits, indie rock, or just request a playlist with classics and lay back to jam out.


It’s by far not the first music app to try out its luck with AI. Spotify also recently added an AI DJ, although that is based on what the app knows about you and your taste in music to play things for you. This one, meanwhile, can generate playlists on demand from what you want to hear at a specific moment. It’s a pretty cool concept, really, and if it works right, it might actually change the way you listen to music.

This update to Plexamp should roll out to everyone within the next few weeks.

Source: TechCrunch

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