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Make Your Windows 7 PC Look like Mac OS X Leopard

Want to make your Windows 7 theme look more like Mac OS X? Here’s a theme that can do just that, as long as you’ve got a hacked uxtheme already.

You’ll need to first install the uxstyle beta utility if you want to use the custom themes, of course, and we can’t stress enough that all these custom, hacked themes can possibly render your system unusable, so proceed with caution and don’t blame us when something goes wrong. Also, one has to wonder why anybody would prefer the OS X theme over Windows 7…

Update: One commenter notes that this caused a system crash for him… proceed with caution.

Snow Leopard for Win7 Beta2 (deviantART) [via Tweaking with Vishal]

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  • Published 07/27/10

Comments (9)

  1. ju288

    Windows 7 looks so much better than OS X.

    I will never understand why anybody wants to make their system look like a Mac.

  2. john

    Agreed. Not only Windows 7 is much better, but it help user accomplish task more quickly

  3. Geeksta

    I downloaded it for fun, and it crashed my computer. Every time I tried turning it on, there was just a ” Please Wait” sign that kept on refreshing. When I finally got to boot Windows Safe Mode, I did a system restore, and it thankfully fixed the problem. Don’t download.

  4. The Geek


    Thanks for the head’s up on your experience with this. These types of theme hacks can conflict with many different things, so while it might work for one person, it won’t for somebody else.

    System Restore is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

  5. asdf-chan

    That what ju288 says. Besides i would never download some theme that isn’t open source. Most of those themes are shitty programmed and/or filled with trojans etc.

  6. RougeCrown

    Just a tip: don’t do too much of these modification, or else your system will be super unstable.

    Customization software that are ok for ur system (but slow it down anyway) are the kinds like Rainmeter and Rainlendar. having these are okay, but dont have too many of them.

    Customization tricks that are not ok for ur system includes those that modify the shell files will brick your computer in the long run. apparently my system sees a lot of BSODs after modifying the default files. Don’t blame it on windows, blame it on the customizers.

    Shell replacements like Litesteps and Blackbox are unfortunately quite useless… and unstable, too.

  7. Navjot

    I just applied the theme and didn’t bother replacing explorer.exe or anything and it still looks pretty awesome.

  8. James Smith João Pessoa, Brazil

    It would be easier to convert your Windows system to a Hackintosh. There are instructions all over the internet. It’s far cheaper than Windows, Mac software, when it isn’t free, is less than the Windows equivalent. Fir Example, Sony Vegas for Windows, $600-$700. Final Cut Express for Mac, $150.

    Then think of the reduced down time, not having to completely reload the OS when it fails, Free upgrades, better reliability.

    Making Win7 look better will not improve it’s performance at all.

  9. Angel Kurdish

    its Great to make our PC looks like Mac i love it

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