Google TV open on a tv with a 4K Chromecast
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Google TV devices and TVs are pretty much everywhere by this point, and if you have one, it’s now getting a much-needed update focused on improved storage management.

Google TV devices can come with a low amount of storage — the Chromecast with Google TV ships with only 8GB, which isn’t a lot for downloading apps or local media. Because of that, Google is adding changes to the platform to improve how Google TV manages the little storage it has. Support for App Hibernation has arrived, which will make sure that the apps you don’t use remain suspended, making the app take as little space as possible by only keeping the app data.

Google TV now also supports app bundles. This means that apps can now just download the parts that you actually need, and in turn, the app itself can take a lot less space even if it’s under active use. It can reduce apps’ storage space by up to 25%, which is pretty considerable.

Those are not the only two changes being added. Google is also integrating a few performance updates, reducing the latency between your controller and your TV as well as reducing boot times considerably.

These updates are now being rolled out to eligible devices, so if your TV or streaming device is eligible for these improvements, you should be able to download the update soon.

Source: Google

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